Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC)


  • Must be age 22 years of age or older;
  • Must meet the financial criteria for MassHealth* (Standard of CommonHealth)
  • A physician’s summary confirming the appropriateness of GAFC services;
  • Requires daily assistance with at least one ADL
        (e.g., bathing,dressing,eating, continence care, ambulation or transfer);
  • Requires clinical approval from the MassHealth designated clinical screening
        agent, Coastline Elderly Services, Inc; and
  • Must reside in identified community housing for individuals who are elderly or disabled OR live in an assisted living residence.
  • Financial Eligibility for GAFC
  • Financial eligibility for GAFC in an assisted living setting is determined by the
  • Social Security Administration through the Supplemental Security Income Program
– Category G (SSI-G).
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a Federal program administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA);
  • Massachusetts implemented the SSI State Supplemental Living Arrangement (L/A) Category G, Assisted Living, as of 1998 to assist individuals who clinically meet the criteria for GAFC in an effort to assist in the payment of Room and Board in assisted living facilities;
  • The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, depending and individual’s living arrangement (must live in a certified assisted living that participates in the GAFC program), supplements the Federal SSI payment;
  • The income guidelines for SSI-G change on an annual, calendar year basis; and
  • The 2009 income guideline for an individual is $1128.00 per month with assets of $2000. or less and for a member of a couple $846.00 per month with assets of $3000. or less. It is important to note that SSI applies a general $20.00 disregard of income.
Requires clinical approval for GAFC services from the MassHealth designated clinical screening agent, Coastline Elderly Services, Inc.;
  • Must file an SSI application with the local SSA Field Staff Office;
  • Must meet all other SSI requirements; and
  • Requires a Residence Verification form completed by the assisted living facility  and Coastline Elderly Services, Inc., confirming residency at the assisted living facility