Meal Preparation


If you or a loved one is recuperating from an illness or surgery, the demands of grocery shopping can be overwhelming. Or perhaps the mental or physical signs of aging have made cooking a strenuous task. Frozen, heat-and-serve meals may be fine once in a while, but there’s no substitute for a meal prepared in the home.

Through our nonmedical service, we can help you or a loved one remain at home, while still eating properly. Our home health aides will do the food shopping, prepare the meals, and handle kitchen clean-up. Our staff will also accommodate any special dietary restrictions or requirements. If this service is for an elderly loved one, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that he or she won’t forget to turn off the stove.

All of our home health aides are carefully screened and receive specialized training, and they are insured. You can feel comfortable allowing our staff into your home.

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