Shopping & Errands


Getting older, illness, or surgery can make it difficult to run errands or get out to the store. If you or a loved one has trouble walking without assistance or shouldn’t be driving, you may worry about running out of milk or eggs, or even toilet paper. Or maybe you can’t get to the post office.

Through our non-medical services, we offer help with shopping and running errands for patients who are unable to do these things themselves. In addition, we can work to set up store accounts with local retailers where available, so you don’t have to worry about having enough cash on hand when our home health aides go out to shop for you. And, we can set up bill-paying services with your bank so missing a payment is not a concern.

All of our home health aides are carefully screened and receive specialized training, and they are insured. You can feel comfortable allowing our staff into your home.

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